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Table 5 Results of the experiments related to transfer learning from Herbarium to non-dried plant images

From: Going deeper in the automated identification of Herbarium specimens

Experiment Initialization Training Testing Top-1 accuracy Top-5 accuracy
CRLeaves Baselines
R.C R.C R Random CRLeaves CRLeaves 0.37 0.50
I.C R.C R ImageNet CRLeaves CRLeaves 0.51 0.61
CRLeaves using transfer learning from herbarium data
H255.C R.C R Herbarium255 CRLeaves CRLeaves 0.416 0.542
H255 I .C R.C R ImageNet,Herbarium255 CRLeaves CRLeaves 0.491 0.590
PlantCLEF Baselines
R.P C.P C Random PlantCLEF PlantCLEF 0.334 0.566
I.P C.P C ImageNet PlantCLEF PlantCLEF 0.523 0.726
PlantCLEF using transfer learning from herbarium data
H1K.P C.P C Herbarium1K PlantCLEF PlantCLEF 0.273 0.498
H1K I .P C.P C ImageNet,Herbarium1K PlantCLEF PlantCLEF 0.425 0.661