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Table 1 Specimen and DNA sequence sources.

From: Molecular phylogeny of pearl oysters and their relatives (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pterioidea)

Taxon Voucher ID GenBank Acc. No. (18S/28S/16S/H3) Locality data
Mytilus edulis AMNH 107223 L33448/AF120587/AY484747/AY070150 NA
Argopecten irradians AMNH 107223 L11265/AY145391/HQ329396/HQ329247 NA
Pecten jacobaeus   AY070112/AY070125/AJ245394/AY070153 NA
Atrina rigida AMNH 305138 HQ329323/HQ329438/HQ329397/HQ329248 Florida Keys, USA
Atrina seminuda AMNH 305162 HQ329324/HQ329439/HQ329398/HQ329249 Florida Keys, USA
Pinna carnea AMNH 305177 HQ329375/HQ329489/HQ329431/HQ329302 Florida Keys, USA
Pinna muricata   AJ389636/AB102754/NA/NA NA
Ostrea edulis   L49052/Z29551/AF540597/AY070151 NA
Crassostrea virginica AMNH 319315 X60315/AF137050/AY905542/HQ329250 NA
Crassostrea gigas   AB064942/Z29546/AF280611/NA NA
Hyotissa hyotis FMNH 302010 AJ389632/AF137036/AY548883/HQ329258 NA
Hyotissa numisma   AJ389633/AF137035/AY376598/NA NA
Pinctada albina 1 AMNH 319311 HQ329358/HQ329472/HQ329415/HQ329286 Western Australia
Pinctada albina 2   AB214453/AB214468/AB214438/NA The Amami Islands, Japan
Pinctada albina 3 AMNH 319342 HQ329370/HQ329484/HQ329426/HQ329297 Northern Territory, Australia
Pinctada capensis 1 NMP W3373a HQ329359/HQ329473/HQ329416/HQ329287 South Africa
Pinctada capensis 2 NMP W3373b HQ329360/HQ329474/HQ329417/HQ329288 South Africa
Pinctada capensis 3 NMP W3374 HQ329361/HQ329475/HQ329418/HQ329289 South Africa
Pinctada chemnitzii   AB214452/AB214467/AB214437/NA Myanmar
Pinctada fucata 1   AB214463/AB214478/AB214448/NA The Amami Islands, Japan
Pinctada fucata 2   AB214462/AB214477/AB214447/NA Kamikoshiki island, Japan
Pinctada fucata 3   AB214461/AB214476/AB214446/NA Hainan, China
Pinctada fucata 4   AB214460/AB214475/AB214445/NA Cambodia
Pinctada fucata 5   AB214459/AB214474/AB214444/NA Western Australia
Pinctada fucata 6   AB214458/AB214473/AB214443/NA Myanmar
Pinctada fucata 7 AMNH 319310 HQ329362/HQ329476/HQ329419/NA Japan [pearl farm]
Pinctada fucata 8 AMNH 319278 HQ329363/HQ329477/HQ329420/HQ329290 Chantaburi, Thailand
Pinctada fucata 9 AMNH 319222 HQ329373/HQ329487/HQ329429/HQ329300 Western Australia
Pinctada fucata 10   AB214464/AB102763/AB214449/NA Anamizu, Japan
Pinctada imbricata 1 AMNH 319321 HQ329364/HQ329478/HQ329421/HQ329291 Guayacan, Venezuela
Pinctada imbricata 2 AMNH 305121 HQ329365/HQ329479/HQ329422/HQ329292 Florida Keys, USA
Pinctada imbricata 3   AB214456/AB214471/AB214441/NA Florida Keys, USA
Pinctada imbricata 4 AMNH 308116 HQ329366/HQ329480/HQ329423/HQ329293 Florida Keys, USA
Pinctada longisquamosa 1 AMNH 298905 HQ329367/HQ329481/NA/HQ329294 Florida Keys, USA
Pinctada longisquamosa 2 AMNH 308234 HQ329368/HQ329482/HQ329424/HQ329295 Florida Keys, USA
Pinctada maculata   AB214455/AB214470/AB214440/NA The Amami Islands, Japan
Pinctada margaritifera 1 AMNH 319369 HQ329369/HQ329483/HQ329425/HQ329296 Florida, USA
Pinctada margaritifera 2   AB214451/AB214466/AB214436/NA Okinawa, Japan
Pinctada maxima   AB214450/AB214465/AB214435/NA Philippines
Pinctada mazatlanica AMNH 311790 HQ329371/HQ329485/HQ329427/HQ329298 Sonora, Mexico
Pinctada nigra 1 AMNH 319354 HQ329372/HQ329486/HQ329428/HQ329299 South Africa
Pinctada nigra 2   AB214454/AB214469/AB214439/NA The Amami Islands, Japan
Pinctada nigra 3 AMNH 319334 HQ329374/HQ329488/HQ329430/HQ329301 Northern Territory, Australia
Pinctada radiata   AB214457/AB214472/AB214442/NA NA
Pteria avicular 1 MNHN 42746 HQ329382/HQ329493/NA/HQ329306 Bohol Island, Philippines
Pteria avicular 2 AMNH 319350 HQ329388/HQ329498/HQ329434/HQ329311 Bay of Bengal, India
Pteria avicular 3 MNHN 42752 HQ329392/HQ329506/NA/HQ329319 Solomon Islands
Pteria avicular 4 MNHN 42749 HQ329389/HQ329503/NA/HQ329316 Bohol Island, Philippines
Pteria avicular 5 AMNH 319286a HQ329376/HQ329490/NA/HQ329303 Chantaburi, Thailand
Pteria avicular 6 AMNH 319286b HQ329377/HQ329491/NA/HQ329304 Chantaburi, Thailand
Pteria colymbus 1 AMNH 319352 HQ329384/HQ329494/HQ329432/HQ329307 Bahamas
Pteria colymbus 2 UMML 30.11787 HQ329385/HQ329495/NA/HQ329308 Caribbean Sea
Pteria hirundo AMNH 319357 HQ329383/HQ329497/HQ329433/HQ329310 Mediterranean Sea, Italy
Pteria howensis 1 MNHN 42750 HQ329390/HQ329504/NA/HQ329317 Bohol Island, Philippines
Pteria howensis 2 MNHN 42751 HQ329391/HQ329505/NA/HQ329318 Bohol Island, Philippines
Pteria howensis 3 NMNZ M160878 HQ329393/HQ329507/NA/HQ329320 Norfolk Island, Australia
Pteria lata 1 AMNH 319337 HQ329379/HQ329499/HQ329435/HQ329312 Darwin Harbour, Australia
Pteria lata 2 AMNH 319286c HQ329378/HQ329492/NA/HQ329305 Chantaburi, Thailand
Pteria loveni MNHN 42747 HQ329380/HQ329500/HQ329436/HQ329313 Solomon Islands
Pteria penguin 1 MNHN 42748 HQ329381/HQ329501/NA/HQ329314 Panglao Island, Philippines
Pteria penguin 2 AMNH 319290 HQ329386/HQ329496/NA/HQ329309 Chantaburi, Thailand
Pteria sterna AMNH 311731 HQ329394/HQ329508/NA/HQ329321 Guaymas, Mexico
Pterelectroma physoides AMNH 319319 HQ329387/HQ329502/HQ329437/HQ329315 Raffles Bay, Australia
Electroma alacorvi 1 AMNH 292446 HQ329326/NA/HQ329400/HQ329252 Cocos-Keeling
Electroma alacorvi 2 MNHN 42753 HQ329328/HQ329442/HQ329401/HQ329254 Balicasag Island, Philippines
Electroma cf. alacorvi 1 AMNH 319220 NA/HQ329443/HQ329402 /HQ329255 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Electroma cf. alacorvi 2 AMNH 319219 HQ329329/HQ329444/HQ329403/HQ329256 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Electroma cf. alacorvi 3 AMNH 319221 HQ329330/HQ329445/HQ329404/HQ329257 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Electroma papilionacea AMNH 319340 HQ329327/HQ329441/NA/HQ329253 Raffles Bay, Australia
Isognomon alatus AMNH 305129 HQ329331/HQ329446/HQ329405/HQ329259 Florida Keys, USA
Isognomon bicolor AMNH 307896 HQ329332/HQ329447/HQ329406/HQ329260 Florida Keys, USA
Isognomon californicum CASIZ 112485 HQ329333/HQ329448/NA/HQ329261 Oahu, Hawaii
Isognomon ephippium AMNH 319336 HQ329334/HQ329449/NA/HQ329262 Darwin Harbor, Australia
Isognomon cf. ephippium A1 AMNH 319294b HQ329341/HQ329456/NA/HQ329269 Koh Nam Sao Island, Thailand
Isognomon cf. ephippium A2 AMNH 319292b HQ329343/HQ329458/NA/HQ329271 Koh Nam Sao Island, Thailand
Isognomon cf. ephippium B AMNH 319253 HQ329335/HQ329450/HQ329407/HQ329263 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 1 AMNH 319283 HQ329336/HQ329451/NA/HQ329264 Chong Saba Island, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 2 LACM 85-2 HQ329347/HQ329462/NA/HQ329275 Phuket, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 3 MNHN 42754 HQ329339/HQ329454/NA/HQ329267 Panglao Island, Philippines
Isognomon isognomum 4 AMNH 319294a HQ329340/HQ329455/NA/HQ329268 Koh Nam Sao Island, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 5 AMNH 319292a HQ329342/HQ329457/NA/HQ329270 Koh Nam Sao Island, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 6 FMNH 311977 HQ329344/HQ329459/NA/HQ329272 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Isognomon isognomum 7 AMNH 319260 HQ329337/HQ329452/NA/HQ329265 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Isognomon radiatus AMNH 305142 HQ329338/HQ329453/HQ329408/HQ329266 Florida Keys, USA
Isognomon spathulata AMNH 319257 HQ329348/HQ329463/NA/HQ329276 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Isognomon sp. A1 AMNH 319230 HQ329345/HQ329460/NA/HQ329273 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Isognomon sp. A2 CASIZ 104281 HQ329346/HQ329461/HQ329409/HQ329274 Clipperton Island
Crenatula avicularis USNM 795306 HQ329325/HQ329440/HQ329399/HQ329251 Noumea, New Caledonia
Malleus albus AMNH 319271 HQ329350/HQ329464/NA/HQ329278 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Malleus cf. albus 1 AMNH 319298 HQ329349/NA/HQ329410/HQ329277 Rottnest Island, Australia
Malleus cf. albus 2 AMNH 319225 HQ329356/HQ329470/NA/HQ329284 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Malleus cf. albus 3 AMNH 319226 HQ329357/HQ329471/NA/HQ329285 Houtman Abrolhos, Australia
Malleus candeanus AMNH FK-685 HQ329351/HQ329465/HQ329411/HQ329279 Florida Keys, USA
Malleus malleus MNHN 42755 HQ329352/HQ329466/HQ329412/HQ329280 Bohol Island, Philippines
Malleus regula 1 AMNH 319335 HQ329353/HQ329467/HQ329413/HQ329281 Darwin Harbor, Australia
Malleus regula 2 AMNH 319339 HQ329354/HQ329468/HQ329414/HQ329282 Darwin Harbor, Australia
Malleus regula 3 MNHN 42756 HQ329355/HQ329469/NA/HQ329283 Panglao Island, Philippines
Vulsella vulsella AMNH 319281 HQ329395/HQ329509/NA/HQ329322 Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand
Vulsella cf. vulsella   AJ389642/AB102765/NA/NA NA
Pulvinites exempla NMNZ M150090 AJ414640/NA/NA/NA East Cape, New Zealand
  1. Museum collection acronyms: AMNH, American Museum of Natural History, New York; CAS, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; FMNH, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; LACM, Los Angeles County Museum; MNHN, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris; NMP, Natal Museum, Pietermaritzburg; USNM, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. [= United States National Museum]; UMML, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, Florida [=University of Miami Marine Laboratory]. NA, not available.