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Table 1 Spider fibroin (spidroin) sequences analyzed in this study.

From: Untangling spider silk evolution with spidroin terminal domains

N-terminus Species GenBank Accession Reference C-terminus Accession Reference
B.c. fibroin1 Bothriocyrtum californicum HM752562 This study EU117162 [7]
K.h. MaSp1 Kukulkania hibernalis HM752563 This study -- --
D.c. MaSp Diguetia canities HM752564 This study HM752565 This study
D.c. MaSp-like Diguetia canities HM752566 This study HM752567 This study
D.s. MaSp2 Deinopis spinosa HM752568 This study DQ399328, DQ399329a [32]
A.ap. MaSp Agelenopsis aperta HM752573 This study AAT08436 [55]
U.d. MiSp Uloborus diversus HM752574 This study ABD61597 [32]
M.g. MiSp Metepeira grandiosa HM752575 This study HM752569 This study
L.h. MiSp Latrodectus hesperus HM752570 This study HM752571 This study
A.ap. TuSp1 Agelenopsis aperta HM752576 This study HM752572 This study
A.a. TuSp1 Argiope argentata HM752577 This study AY953071 [29]
A.b. TuSp1 Argiope bruennichi AB242144 [11] AB242144 [11]
N.ct. TuSp1 Nephila clavata AB218974 [64] AB218973 [64]
L.h. TuSp1 Latrodectus hesperus DQ379383 [18] AY953070 [29]
A.t. MaSp2 Argiope trifasciata DQ059136S1 [20] DQ059136S2 [20]
N.c. MaSp2 Nephila clavipes EU599240 [34] AY654297 [17]
N.i. MaSp2 Nephila inaurata madagascariensis DQ059135 [20] AF350278 [6]
N.c. MaSp1a Nephila clavipes EU599238 [34] AY654292 [17]
N.c. MaSp1b Nephila clavipes EU599239 [34] AY654291 [17]
L.h. MaSp1 Latrodectus hesperus EF595246 [12] EF595246 [12]
L.h. MaSp2 Latrodectus hesperus EF595245 [12] EF595245 [12]
L.g. MaSp1 Latrodectus geometricus DQ059133S1b [20] DQ059133S2 [20]
E.a. MaSp Euprosthenops australis AM259067 [21] AJ973155 [65]
N.c. Flag Nephila clavipes AF027972b [19] AF027973 [19]
N.i. Flag Nephila inaurata madagascariensis AF218623S1 [10] AF218623S2 [10]
A.v. Flag Araneus ventricosus AY945306 -- AY587193 -
  1. aDQ399329 contains the D.s. MaSp2a C-terminal sequence and DQ399328 the D.s. MaSp2b C-terminal sequence. bDQ059133S1 and AF027972 were edited to include corrections outlined by Rising et al. [21].