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Table 1 Canonical Wnt signaling components in tardigrades. GenBank accession numbers and scaffold numbers are from previously published genome studies [71, 85]. An ortholog of Arrow was not found

From: Extensive loss of Wnt genes in Tardigrada

Function Ortholog Protein accession numbers Scaffold numbers
H. exemplaris R. varieornatus H. exemplaris R. varieornatus
Ligand Wnt2 OWA52741.1 scaffold0284
  Wnt4 OQV20568.1 GAV00263.1 scaffold0029 BDGG01000006
  Wnt5 OQV25062.1 GAU92975.1 scaffold0004 BDGG01000002
  Wnt9 OQV11710.1 GAU97803.1 scaffold0163 BDGG01000004
  Wnt11 OQV21261.1 GAU87525.1 scaffold0024 BDGG01000001
  Wnt16A OQV19782.1 GAU94914.1 scaffold0035 BDGG01000003
  Wnt16B OQV22138.1 GAV05665.1 scaffold0019 BDGG01000012
  WntA OQV17790.1 GAU98124.1 scaffold0056 BDGG01000004
Transmembrane transport Wntless OQV19301.1 GAV08953.1 scaffold0041 BDGG01000019
Receptor Fz1 OQV23182.1 GAU93634.1 scaffold0013 BDGG01000002
  Fz2 OQV23168.1 GAU93659.1 scaffold0013 BDGG01000002
  Fz3 OQV21307.1 GAU87444.1 scaffold0024 BDGG01000001
  Fz4 OQV18791.1 GAV00601.1 scaffold0046 BDGG01000006
Signal transduction Dishevelled OQV23134.1 GAV07421.1 scaffold0013 BDGG01000015
  Armadillo OWA50075.1 GAV07811.1 scaffold0181 BDGG01000016
Transcription factor Pangolin OQV17172.1 GAV07782.1 scaffold0065 BDGG01000016
cWnt inhibition Shaggy OQV18828.1 GAU89015.1 scaffold0045 BDGG01000001
  APC OQV22882.1 GAV03262.1 scaffold0015 BDGG01000009
  Axin OQV22259.1 GAV03998.1 scaffold0018 BDGG01000010