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Table 1 Amphitetranychus viennensis populations collected for this study

From: Patterns of reproductive isolation in a haplodiploid mite, Amphitetranychus viennensis: prezygotic isolation, hybrid inviability and hybrid sterility

Population Country City Latitude–longitude Host plant (the family, Rosaceae) Date Voucher specimen numbera
Common name Scientific name
F France Montpellier 43°36ʹN–003°53ʹE Apple Malus pumila Mill July 20, 2005 148
T Turkey Çanakkale 40°08ʹN–026°24ʹE Apple Malus pumila Mill Sept. 21, 2008 154
I Iran Shahreyar 35°39ʹN–051°03ʹE Black cherry Prunus serotina Ehrh June 30, 2007 153
CIM Inner Mongolia (China) Hohhot 40°51ʹN–111°48ʹE Apple Malus pumila Mill July 27, 2007 152
CN Eastern China Nanjing 32°09ʹN–118°58ʹE Peach Prunus persica (L.) Batsch June 15, 2004 151
K Korea Andong 36°32ʹN–128°47ʹE Cherry Prunus sp. May 23, 2007 150
J Japan Ami 36°02ʹN–140°12ʹE Cherry Prunus x yedoensis Matsum May 11, 2007 147
  1. aVoucher specimens are preserved at the Laboratory of Applied Entomology and Zoology, Faculty of Agriculture, Ibaraki University under the serial voucher specimen number