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Table 1 Sampling localities, geographic position of P. sinensis

From: Genetic diversity and variation of seven Chinese grass shrimp (Palaemonetes sinensis) populations based on the mitochondrial COI gene

Populations Sampling locations Geographic position Sample size
DL Liaoning Dalian Sha River 39.622° N 122.067° E 46
PJ Liaoning Panjin Shuangtaizi River 41.180° N 122.067° E 44
AS Liaoning Anshan Yangliu River 41.082° N 122.847° E 47
SL Liaoning Shenyang Longwei Lake 41.842° N 123.589° E 47
SY Liaoning Shenyang Yangshi reservoir 41.978° N 123.691° E 48
SH Liaoning Shenyang Huangjia Liao River 42.146° N 123.472° E 48
JN Shandong Jining Dushan Lake 35.033° N 116.702° E 46