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Table 4 Comparison of summary of analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) for local populations of clonal Zingiber zerumbet at the microgeographic scale with that of selfing Z. corallinum and outcrossing Z. nudicarpum. (The data of Z. corallinum and Z. nudicarpum utilized in this study are from Huang et al. [44])

From: Genetic variation and population structure of clonal Zingiber zerumbet at a fine geographic scale: a comparison with two closely related selfing and outcrossing Zingiber species

Subpopulation Source df Sums of squares Mean squares Variance component Percentage of variation (%) ФST p
Z. zerumbet
  Between local populations 3 2647.505 882.502 16.613 46.0 0.460 0.001
  Within local populations 225 4387.936 19.502 19.502 54.0   
Z. corallinum
  Between local populations 6    23.942 78.4 0.784 0.001
  Within local populations 224    12.152 21.6   
Z. nudicarpum
  Between local populations 4    19.451 46.8 0.468 0.001
  Within local populations 168    17.172 53.2   
  1. df degrees of freedom, ФST between local populations deviations from Hardy–Weinberg expectations, p the probability of accepting the null hypothesis