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Table 2 Metabolic tasks in the environment and their merit payoffs.

From: An interplay of resource availability, population size and mutation rate potentiates the evolution of metabolic signaling

Task Operation (Required output given two binary numbers A and B) Merit reward
NOT ~A 1
NAND ~ (A B) 1
ORN A ~B, ~A B 2
OR A B 4
ANDN A ~B, ~A B 4
NOR ~ (A B) 8
XOR (A ~B) (~ A B) 8
EQU (A B) (~ A ~B) 16
  1. A particular task is performed when the organism outputs the operation corresponding to it after taking in two random inputs—A and B—from the environment. The merit reward denotes the relative magnitude of the addition to genome replication speed when a given task is performed. The symbols used in the table are: “~” denotes logical negation, “” denotes the logical-or function, and “” the denotes logical-and function. Some examples for these operations are given in Additional file 1: Table S1