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Table 2 Novel TE insertions in the 10 strains that have piRNAs (23–29 nt) uniquely mapped to the regions 2 kb up- or down-stream of the inserted sites

From: The evolutionary arms race between transposable elements and piRNAs in Drosophila melanogaster

StrainNovel TE insertion regionsNovel TE insertion regions with unique piRNAs
B1033654 (16.1%)
B1229239 (13.4%)
I0626022 (8.5%)
I1725526 (10.2%)
N1045533 (7.3%)
N1630642 (13.7%)
T0525131 (12.4%)
T0727224 (8.8%)
ZW15524842 (16.9%)
ZW18437049 (13.2%)