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Table 4 Parameter estimates and test statistics from the models explaining the overtime changes in the frequency of the Prlo-DRB*04 and Prlo-DRB*19 alleles and the abundance of Digenea parasites in raccoons from Warta Mouth National Park

From: Host-parasite interactions in non-native invasive species are dependent on the levels of standing genetic variation at the immune locus

VariablesEstimateSEz valuep-value
 Sex (M)−0.24180.513−0.4710.638
 Age (juv)0.30810.72070.4270.669
 Sex (M)0.59990.41991.4290.153
 Age (juv)0.13120.54680.2400.810
Digenea abundance
 Sex (M)0.34990.42430.8250.4095
 Age (juv)−0.16530.5450−0.3030.7617
  1. * - p<0.05, ** - p<0.01 *** - p<0.001