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Table 1 The list of parasite taxa recorded in raccoons from Czechia (CZ) and Germany-Poland (combined, D/PL) with values of basic parasitological indices of infection

From: Host-parasite interactions in non-native invasive species are dependent on the levels of standing genetic variation at the immune locus

Parasite taxaCZ (n = 62)D/PL (n = 175)
 Prevalence (%)Infection intensityAbundancePrevalence (%)Infection intensityAbundance
Isthmiophora melis4.870.33.450.3101.150.8
Brachylaimidae sp_23.453.01.8
Brachylaimidae sp_10.651.00.3
Plagiorchis sp.1.61.0>
Digenea spp.
Atriotaenia incisa12.041.44,9
Mesocestoides sp.8.641.83.49.752.85.1
Cestoda spp.0.61.0> 0.1
Baylisascaris procyonis4.69.50.4
Ancylostomatidae spp. (larvae)
Toxascaris leonina0.61.0> 0.1
Aonchotheca putorii1.11.0> 0.1
Molineus patens0.62.0> 0.1
Polymorphus minutus6.553.33.4
Acanthocephalus sp.1.61.0>> 0.1
Digenea (total)6.553.03.454.397.853.1
Cestoda (total)