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Table 5 Summary statistics of the pairwise 3D alignments performed with MATRAS

From: Variability of mitochondrial ORFans hints at possible differences in the system of doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondria among families of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida)

FamiliesProteins comparedNRdis (%)RMS (Å)DRMS (Å)SqID (%)Sec (%)
all M-ORF1 x M-ORF297.
single species M-ORF1 x M-ORF2312.3013.033.341.782.681.3022.737.3573.2317.50
V. ellipsiformis M-ORF x S. woodiana M-ORFa10.40n.a.2.36n.a.1.22n.a.0.00n.a.77.30n.a.
V. ellipsiformis M-ORF x S. woodiana M-ORFb15.20n.a.35.75n.a.34.40n.a.9.20n.a.86.20n.a.
S. woodiana M-ORFa x M-ORFb10.10n.a.3.75n.a.1.84n.a.0.00n.a.52.90n.a.
Hyriidae x MargaritiferidaeF-ORF60.080.212.791.502.330.923.976.2666.8343.03
M-ORF x M-ORF160.450.283.503.401.851.628.779.0376.2216.18
M-ORF x M-ORF262.101.474.742.242.620.608.174.7284.4011.79
Hyriidae x UnionidaeF-ORF45.833.606.363.334.071.438.553.5260.1810.90
Unionidae x MargaritiferidaeF-ORF60.
M-ORF x M-ORF190.330.392.501.421.900.8211.019.3267.8927.66
M-ORF x M-ORF291.841.533.831.102.350.866.074.1671.5321.04
  1. N Number of pairwise comparisons considered, Rdis Normalized Sdis score (%), RMS Root mean square deviation of Cα atoms location of aligned amino acids after optimal superimposition (Å), DRMS Root mean square deviation of distances between Cß atoms of aligned amino acids (Å), SqID % of identical amino acid pairs on the total number of aligned amino acids, Sec % of identical secondary structure residues on the total number of aligned amino acids, SD Standard deviation of the mean for a given value (n.a. when N = 1)