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Table 1 Localities/distribution of species of Neacomys with chromosomal data available in literature and karyotyped specimens in the present study. (2n) diploid number, (FN) autosomal fundamental number. Numbers in parentheses refer to localities shown in Fig. 1. Brazilian (BR) states are Amapá (AP), Mato Grosso (MT), and Pará (PA). Species analyzed with chromosome painting in the present study are bolded in the leftmost column

From: Chromosomal phylogeny and comparative chromosome painting among Neacomys species (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae) from eastern Amazonia

Species Karyotype Distribution/Localities Reference
Neacomys sp. C 2n = 58, FN = 64 (1) Marabá (BR, PA) Da Silva et al. [5]
Neacomys sp. Ca 2n = 58, FN = 66 Vila Rica (BR, MT) Di-Nizo et al. [8]
Neacomys sp. D 2n = 58, FN = 70 (2) Afuá (Marajó island) and (3) Chaves (Marajó island), BR. PA Present study, Da Silva et al. [5]
N. paracou 2n = 56, FN = 64 (4) Mazagão (BR, AP) Present study
N. paracou 2n = 56, FN = 62, 66 Southeast of Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil (South of Roraima, northeast of Amazonas, northwest of Pará and Amapá states) Voss et al. [3]; Da Silva et al. [5]
Neacomys sp. E 2n = 62, FN = 60 (5) Santa Bárbara (BR, PA) Present study
N. dubosti 2n = 62/64, FN = 68 Southeast of Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil (Amapá state) Voss et al. [3]; Da Silva et al. [5]
N. amoenus 2n = 64, FN = 68 (6) Alta Floresta (BR, MT) Present study
N. amoenus b 2n = 64, FN = 68 In the Cerrado, between eastern Bolivia and western Brazil, and in Amazon forest, from southeast of Ecuador to northeast of Peru Patton et al. [2]; Hurtado and Pacheco [6]
Neacomys sp. A 2n = 58, FN = 68 (7, 8) Itaituba (BR, PA) and Jacareacanga (BR, PA) Oliveira da Silva et al. [7]
Neacomys sp. B 2n = 54, FN = 66 (9) Juruti (BR, PA) and (10) Itaituba (BR, PA) Oliveira da Silva et al. [7]
N. guianae 2n = 56 Guianas, south of Venezuela and Brazil (north of Roraima state) Baker et al. [1]; Voss et al. [3]
N. minutus 2n = 35–36, FN = 40 Brazil (southwest of Amazonas state, only in lower and middle Juruá River) Patton et al. [2]
N. musseri 2n = 34, FN = 64–68 Southeast of Peru and western Brazil (northwest of Acre state, at Rio Juruá River source) Patton et al. [2]
N. tenuipes 2n = 56 North of Venezuela, and west of Colombia Redi et al. [4]
N. rosalindae 2n = 48/FN = 50 Northeastern of Peru and eastern of Ecuador Sánchez-Vendizú et al. [9]
N. macedoruizi 2n = 28/FN = 36 Tingo María National Park, Peru Sánchez-Vendizú et al. [9]
  1. aReferred as Neacomys sp. by Di-Nizo et al. [8]; bReferred as N. spinosus by Patton et al. [2]