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Table 4 Summary of divergence times from multispecies coalescent analyses for the sand lizard clade and the western clade of Uma

From: The first known fossil Uma: ecological evolution and the origins of North American fringe-toed lizards

Model Sand lizard clade Western Uma
Sand lizard calibration only 41.39 [16.35, 75.62] 2.72 [0.66, 6.28]
Sand lizard calibration + Pliocene calibration 47.93 [22.40, 79.46] 3.79 [2.20, 5.77]
Sand lizard calibration + Pleistocene calibration 27.00 [11.72, 47.78] 1.07 [0.65, 1.61]
  1. The analysis with the sand lizard calibration and the Pleistocene calibration for the crown node of the western clade of Uma (in bold) is the best supported analysis based on the Bayes Factor analyses (see below)