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Table 1 Relationships between the Simpson index of chemical diversity and MHC-DRB diversity in ring-tailed lemurs across seasons, with significant relationships indicated in bold

From: Genetic variation at MHC class II loci influences both olfactory signals and scent discrimination in ring-tailed lemurs

Sex Compounds in Simpson index Explanatory variable Z value P value Effect
Male Overall Diversity Season 1.64 0.10 Simpson diversity index increases with increasing MHC diversity, regardless of the season
MHCsupertype 2.17 0.03
Season x MHCsupertype − 0.89 0.37
Female Overall Diversity Season 0.86 0.390 No relationship between Simpson index and season or MHC diversity in females
MHCsupertype 0.24 0.810
Season x MHCsupertype −0.98 0.330
Female Fatty Acid Diversity Season 2.24 0.025 Simpson index for FAs is negatively correlated with MHC diversity, but only in the nonbreeding season
MHCsupertype −0.38 0.703
Season x MHCsupertype −3.75 0.001
Female Fatty Acid Ester Diversity Season 1.02 0.310 No relationship between female Simpson index of FAEs and season or MHC diversity in females
MHCallele −0.34 0.740
Season x MHCallele −1.64 0.100