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Table 4 Summary of hierarchical AMOVA

From: The role of genetic diversity in the evolution and maintenance of environmentally-cued, male alternative reproductive tactics

Variance component SD Variation (%) Statistic F-value p
Between environments 0.036 0.083 FCT 0.083 0.206
Among subpopulations in environment 0.038 0.078 FSC 0.085 < 0.001
Among individuals in subpopulation 0.113 0.184 FIS 0.219 < 0.001
Within individuals 0.120 0.655 FIT 0.345 < 0.001
  1. AMOVA including standard deviation (jack-knifing over loci), % of variation, and values of the F-statistic on different levels (between environments, among subpopulation within environment, among individuals within subpopulation, and within individuals), with their corresponding F and p-values. FCT = the proportion of total variance that results from genetic differences among groups, FSC = the proportion of variance among subpopulations within clusters, FIS = the proportion of variance among individuals within subpopulation, FIT = the proportion of variance among individuals within the total population