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Table 7 Functional enrichment summary of protein-protein interaction network of proteins evolved with decelerated RSA changes rate in Primata clade Functional enrichment summary (based on GENEMANIA [55] data)

From: mtProtEvol: the resource presenting molecular evolution analysis of proteins involved in the function of Vertebrate mitochondria

Function All data, FDR Protein structure-aware data, FDR
mitochondrial matrix 7.41E-25 1.85E-20
cellular respiration 7.41E-25 6.65E-20
energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds 1.18E-20 1.15E-16
mitochondrial inner membrane 3.40E-18 1.28E-15
respiratory electron transport chain 6.77E-16 6.00E-11
hydrogen ion transmembrane transport 1.26E-06 1.20E-10
tricarboxylic acid cycle 1.85E-08 1.47E-06
aerobic respiration 3.07E-07 1.44E-05
oxidoreductase complex 1.70E-10
mitochondrial electron transport, NADH to ubiquinone 1.07E-06
mitochondrial respiratory chain comp. I 1.26E-06
mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled electron transport 1.73E-06
oxidoreductase activity, acting on NAD(P)H, quinone or similar as acceptor 3.86E-06
regulation of acetyl-CoA biosynthesis from pyruvate 1.10E-05