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Table 1 Functional enrichment summary of protein-protein interaction network of proteins evolved with accelerated RSA change rate in Primata clade (based on STRING [54] data; see Fig. 6)

From: mtProtEvol: the resource presenting molecular evolution analysis of proteins involved in the function of Vertebrate mitochondria

Function Heterotachy model Heterotachy and Site partitioning models intersection, all data
All data Protein structure-aware data
FDR Colora FDR Colora FDR Colora
fatty acid beta-oxidation 0.0001 3.9E-05 blue 0.0493 blue
oxidation-reduction process 1.9E-08 red 3.9E-05 yellow 0.0106 red
mitochondrion organization 4.1E-05 violet 0.0002 0.0493 green
carboxylic acid catabolism 0.0003 3.9E-05 green 0.0493 yellow
carboxylic acid metabolism 3.9E-06 yellow 2.3E-05 red
single-organism metabolism 2.4E-07 blue 9.0E-05 violet
small molecule metabolism 0.001 0.0002
α-amino acid metabolism 0.009 0.0015
cellular respiration 1.0E-06 green
negative regulation of RIG-I signaling 0.0102
mitochondrial transport 0.015
  1. aprotein colors shown on the Fig. 6