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Table 1 Number of queenless (QL) and queenright (QR) colonies of the ant Temnothorax crassispinus in the different treatment groups containing no eggs during the time before treatment (BT) and after the treatment (AT) (control workers: QLCo, QRCo, QRQInf; infected workers: QLInf, QRWinf; infected queen: QRQInf). In one QRCo colony all workers except one died during the experimental period and this colony was excluded from the 10 weeks after treatment analysis

From: Queens stay, workers leave: caste-specific responses to fatal infections in an ant

Queenless Before Treatment (without/total) 7 days AT (without/total) 10 weeks AT (without/total)
QLCo 0/9 0/9 0/9
QLInf 0/10 4/10 2/10
Queenright Before treatment (without/total) After Treatment (without/total) 10 weeks AT (without/total)
QRCo 0/5 4/5 1/4
QRWInf 1/5 4/5 2/5
QRQInf 3/8 7/8 2/2 (with queen) 0/6 (queenless)