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Table 3 Gene set enrichment analysis based on Fisher’s exact test with Yate’s continuity correction

From: The evolution of a series of behavioral traits is associated with autism-risk genes in cavefish

Divergence metrics Comparisons Significant ASD genes Total ASD genes Significant genes in genome Total genes in genome Yate’s Chi Square X2 Degrees of freedom Yate’s P-value
hapFLK Whole genome 86 635a 1648 22,710 34.557 1 < 0.0001
  1. Gene enrichment for ASD genes was based on comparisons between Choy surface (Choy) and Cave (Pachón). Calculations were performed using the chisq.test function in R
  2. aNote that total ASD genes for hapFLK is lower than the total for orthologs and paralogs due to missing data