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Table 3 Phylogenetic tree comparisons using the duplication-aware algorithm TreeKO as implemented in the Python Environment for Tree Exploration (ETE)

From: Mind the gap! The mitochondrial control region and its power as a phylogenetic marker in echinoids

Source tree Reference tree Effective tree size nRF RF maxRF %src_br %ref_br Subtrees number treekoD
COI Syst 10.0 0.60 9 15 0.38 0.43 1 0.60
16S Syst 11.0 0.53 9 17 0.44 0.50 4 0.53
CRA Syst 18.5 0.61 18.5 31 0.36 0.43 2 0.61
  1. Genetically inferred trees based on: COI, 16S, CRA are compared to current echinoid classification (Syst) (see text for details)
  2. RF Robinson-Foulds symmetric distance, nRF normalized RF distance (RF/maxRF); %src_br – frequency of edges in target tree found in the reference; %ref_br – frequency of edges in the reference tree found in the target; Subtrees – number of subtrees used for the comparison; treekoD – average p distance among all possible subtrees in the original target trees to the reference tree (lower treekoD values are indicative of higher similarity between trees)