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Table 1 Species and karyotypes analyzed in the present work and data from literature used on mapping comparison

From: Chromosomal evolution and phylogeny in the Nullicauda group (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae): evidence from multidirectional chromosome painting

Scientific Names and Abbreviations Subfamilies 2 N FN Locality Number and sex Cross-species FISH
Rhinophylla aff. fischeraea, RFI Rhinophyllinae 38 68 Juruti (2°08′40”S; 56°05′28”W) and Santarém (2°26″54”S; 54°42″07”W) 3 (1 M, 2F) This study
Rhinophylla pumilio, RPU Rhinophyllinae 34 62 Santa Barbara (1°13′31”S; 48°17″51”W) 3 (2 M, 1F) This study
Glossophaga soricina, GSO Glossophaginae 32 60 Belém (1°28′05”S; 48°26′35”W) 1 (1F) This study
Trinycteris nicefori, TNI Glyphonycterinae 28 52 Oriximiná (1°45′40”S; 55°51′52”W) and Santarém (2°26″54”S; 54°42″07”W) 3 (1 M, 2F) This study
Phyllostomus hastatus, PHA Phyllostominae 32 60    Pieczarka et al. 2005
Carollia brevicauda, CBR Carolliinae 20/21 36    Pieczarka et al. 2005
Artibeus obscurus, AOB Stenodermatinae 30/31 56    Pieczarka et al. 2013
Uroderma magnirostrum, UMA Stenodermatinae 36 62    Pieczarka et al. 2013
Uroderma bilobatum, UBI Stenodermatinae 42 50    Pieczarka et al. 2013
Chiroderma villosum, CVI Stenodermatinaeb 26 48    Gomes et al. 2016
Mesophylla macconnelli, MMA Stenodermatinaeb 21/22 18    Gomes et al. 2016
Vampyressa thyone, VTH Stenodermatinaeb 23/24 20    Gomes et al. 2016
Vampyriscus bidens, VBI Stenodermatinaeb 26 48    Gomes et al. 2016
Vampyriscus brocki, VBR Stenodermatinaeb 24 44    Gomes et al. 2016
  1. aThe species here is called aff. (= affinis) because Gomes et al. (2010) demonstrated that, despite morphologically similar to Rhinophylla fischerae, its karyotype diverges clearly from the one described previously for that species by Baker and Bleier (1971) in a sample from Colombia. However, further studies are necessary to formally confirm that it is a different species. bSubtribe Vampyressina. M = male; F = female