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Table 3 Patiria miniata skeletal proteins with no counterparts in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus skeletal proteomes

From: The skeletal proteome of the sea star Patiria miniata and evolution of biomineralization in echinoderms

  VWC domains S. purpuratus protein
PMI_019614 kielin/chordin-like protein-like XP_792448.3
PMI_009987 kielin/chordin-like protein-like XP_792448.3
PMI_018567 kielin/chordin-like protein-like XP_792448.3
PMI_013233 kielin/chordin-like protein-like XP_792448.3
PMI_003133 kielin/chordin-like protein-like XP_792448.3
PMI_025303 lysozyme 3-like XP_788343.1
PMI_012571 lysozyme 3-like XP_788380.2
PMI_006134 alpha-amylase-like XP_787209.3
PMI_008987 Peroxisomal Biogenesis None
  MISC. Proteins  
PMI_025525 uncharacterized protein LOC100889940, partial XP_011664341.1
PMI_006431 uncharacterized protein LOC590178 XP_011671697.1
PMI_026044 uncharacterized protein LOC 590178 XP_002610978.1
PMI_008152 uncharacterized protein LOC 100893135 XP_003723438.1
PMI_0019169 TGF beta receptor-like XP_785846.2
PMI_017528 Complement C3 (alpha 2) NP_9996086
PMI_003733 HHIP protein XP_011682570.1
PMI_011218 double zinc ribbon ankyrin XP_011682699.1
PMI_026044 WAP domains XP_011682990.1
PMI_001641 Sushi/VWA/EGF domains XP_011674476.1
PMI_021107 Mucin-like XP_011667210.1