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Table 2 Results of Procrustes MANOVA of morphometric shape change by range for transisthmian New World Eleotridae and Apogonidae, and phylogenetic MANOVA for both PC scores and phylogenetically corrected PC scores for Apogonidae

From: Patterns of divergence in fish species separated by the Isthmus of Panama

Taxon & Analysis F P
Procrustes MANOVA
 Eleotridae: Dormitator 10.584 0.001
 Eleotridae: Eleotris 2.243 0.015
 Eleotridae: Gobiomorphus 1.645 0.077
 Apogonidae 5.472 0.001
Phylogenetic MANOVA
 Apogonidae (PC scores, legacy) 1.661 0.941
 Apogonidae (PC scores, isthmus) 1.661 0.921
 Apogonidae (corrected PC scores, legacy) 1.366 0.628
 Apogonidae (corrected PC scores, isthmus) 1.362 0.667
  1. Phylogenetic MANOVAs were calculated for both legacy and isthmus calibrated phylogenies. Significant P-values are shown in boldface