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Table 1 Comparison of alternative models of head shape evolution in notothenioids

From: Evolution in an extreme environment: developmental biases and phenotypic integration in the adaptive radiation of antarctic notothenioids

Model Log likelihood AICc Delta AICc AICc weight
OU-Diet3 26.1143 -39.50132 0.00 0.693
OU-Diet5 28.42475 -37.24949 2.25 0.225
OU-Single Peak 21.0511 -35.10237 4.40 0.077
Brownian Motion 16.98216 -29.48433 10.02 0.005
Early Burst 16.98212 -26.96424 12.54 0.001
  1. Models are ordered from best to worst based on AICc scores. OU-Diet3: Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) multi-peak model with species assigned to three categories according to feeding habitats (pelagic, intermediate and benthic); OU-Diet5: OU multi-peak model with species assigned to five categories according to feeding habitat and prey items (pelagic-large, pelagic-small, intermediate, benthic-soft, benthic-hard)