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Table 1 Results of published transinfection experiments of Wolbachia strains performed on lepidopteran hosts

From: Evidence for common horizontal transmission of Wolbachia among butterflies and moths

Natural Host Strain ID Phenotype in Natural Host Transinfected host Phenotype in Transinfected Host References
1. Strain dependent Phenotype    
Ostrinia scapulalis wSca MK E. kuehniella (−w) MK [94, 95]
E. kuehniella (Yokohama) wKue CI E. kuehniella (Tsuhiura) (−w) CI [96]
2. Host dependent Phenotype     
 (a) Transferable multi potent strain    
   Cadra cautella wCau-A CI E. kuehniella (−w) MK [98]
 (b) Non-transferable strain     
   Eurema hecabe wHec FI Bombyx mori (−w) no stable infection [99]
 (c) Population dependent phenotypea     
   Hypolimnas bolina (Polynesia) wBol1 MK Hypolimnas bolina (South Asian) (+w) CI [100, 101]
3. Strain/host dependent Phenotype    
C. cautella wCau-B CI E. kuehniella (−w) Incomplete CI [98]
E. kuehniella wKue CI O. scapulalis (−w) Stronger CI [97]
  1. MK male killing, FI feminizaton induction, CI cytoplasmic incompatibility, a these observations were not based on transinfection experiments instead were based on observations in the field