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Table 2 The two best models predicting bill length variation based on AICc analysis: (1) seasonality, precipitation and their interaction; and (2) seasonality alone

From: The dual role of Andean topography in primary divergence: functional and neutral variation among populations of the hummingbird, Metallura tyrianthina

Model logL k AICc ΔAICc Model weights
[seas][prec][seas*prec] −310.02 5 630.29 0 0.7776
[seas] −313.34 3 632.79 2.50 0.2224
[mass] −379.04 3 764.18 133.89 0
  1. The 21 models we evaluated include all 15 possible combinations of body mass, PC1 of seasonality (seas), PC1 of precipitation (prec), PC1 of temperature (temp) as well as all six pairwise interactions among the four predictor variables. Relative variable importance (the sum of model weights in which a particular variable appears) was much greater for seasonality (1.0) than precipitation (0.55), temperature (0.35), or body mass (0.37)