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Table 1 Genetic differentiation between colonies within four populations of the moss Homalothecium lutescens in Sweden

From: Population structure and genetic diversity in the nannandrous moss Homalothecium lutescens: does the dwarf male system facilitate gene flow?

Population Category N Φ PT P
AP Dwarf males 47 0.504 0.001
  Female shoots 25 0.230 0.019
KP Dwarf males 50 0.644 0.001
  Female shoots 25 0.707 0.001
LQ Dwarf males 53 0.248 0.001
  Female shoots 25 −0.167 1.000
CK Dwarf males 59 0.286 0.001
  Female shoots 30 0.226 0.014
  1. Values (Φ PT, via AMOVA) are calculated for dwarf males and female shoots separately. Dwarf males within colonies are sampled from a single female shoot, while female shoots are sampled from an area of 0.5 m2. N = total sample size. Number of colonies is five in each population except in CK where it is six. P = significance level determined with permutation test (999 permutations); note that all Φ PT -values are significant (i.e. P < 0.05) except for female shoots in pop LQ