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Table 1 Factors associated with flight initiation distances in black swans. DRD4 genotype (i.e. common or rare genotype), heterozygosity at eight microsatellite loci, starting distance and distance from water were included as independent variables in generalised linear mixed models, incorporating swan identity as a random factor (random effect variance = 0.092 ± 0.033, Z = 2.757, P = 0.006)

From: Variation at the DRD4 locus is associated with wariness and local site selection in urban black swans

Predictor variable F1,464 P
DRD4 genotype 5.192 0.023
Microsatellite heterozygosity 1.296 0.255
Starting distance 119.022 <0.001
Distance from water 1.041 0.308
  1. Significant effects are highlighted in bold