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Archived Comments for: Hybrid male sterility between Drosophila willistoni species is caused by male failure to transfer sperm during copulation

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  1. Reproductive isolation between strains of D. willistoni.

    Alberto Civetta, University of Winnipeg

    3 August 2015

    In this article, we used two strains of Drosophila willistoni acquired from the Drosophila species center: D. w. willistoni (collected in Uruguay) and D. w. quechua (collected in Guadeloupe Island). We now question the identity of what was originally designated D. w. quechua. We base our believe on the fact that the site of collection (Guadeloupe) is far from the original distribution of D. w. quechua. We are currently working, with the support of the Drosophila Species Stock Center and a collaborator, to sort out the confusion and establish whether this strain represents a different subspecies.

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