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Table 1 Location information for all populations

From: Genetic differentiation and phylogeography of partially sympatric species complex Rhizophora mucronata Lam. and R. stylosa Griff. using SSR markers

Location Country Oceanic region Pop. code N Latitude Longitude Voucher
R. mucronata
Quelimane Mozambique West Indian Ocean MO1 34 17°52′58″S 36°51′40″E OR10012802
Maupto Mozambique West Indian Ocean MO2 37 25°51′00″S 32°41′44″E TK11050101
Mahebourg Mauritius West Indian Ocean MAU 32 20°25′41″S 57°43′34″E OBY01012401
Mahe Seychelles West Indian Ocean SEY 21 04°39′21″S 55°24′29″E TK07101101
Cochin India Arabian Sea ID1 27 09°59′29″N 76°14′07″E TK07101201
Tamil Nadu India Bay of Bengal ID2 32 11°25′52 N 79°47′38″E TK07101401
Myeik Myanmar Andaman sea MYA 30 12°23′53″N 98°34′11″E TK12121401
Banda Aceh Indonesia Andaman sea* IN1 33 05°34′33″N 95°19′08″E TK07092705
Brandan Indonesia Andaman sea* IN2 31 03°59′58″N 98°14′56″E KT10073105
Jaring Halus Indonesia Strait of Malacca IN3 27 03°56′22″N 98°33′46″E KT10080201
Phuket Thailand Strait of Malacca TH1 37 08°24′28″N 98°30′42″E KT09012903
Palian Thailand Strait of Malacca TH2 31 07°07′53″N 99°42′33″E KT09012607
Klang Thailand Strait of Malacca MA1 35 03°00′01″N 101°16′39″E OR10012802
Benut Malaysia Strait of Malacca MA2 39 01°36′22″N 103°16′17″E TK11050101
Rompin Malaysia South China Sea MA3 34 02°45′34″N 103°30′54″E OBY01012401
Tanjung Lumpur Malaysia South China Sea MA4 33 03°48′10″N 103°19′52″E TK07101101
Paka Malaysia South China Sea MA5 31 04°39′33″N 103°26′22″E TK07101201
Nam Chiao Thailand South China Sea TH3 32 12°09′57″N 102°28′36″E TK07101401
Ca Mau Vietnam South China Sea VI1 38 08°44′29″N 104°52′34″E TK12121401
Sabah Malaysia South China Sea MA6 30 05°56′19″N 118°03′10″E TK07092705
Panay Phillipines South China Sea PH1 35 11°47′28″N 122°13′41″E KT10073105
Bali Indonesia Bali Sea IN4 30 08°44′01″S 115°11′48″E KT10080201
Airai Palau West Pacific Ocean PA1 34 07°22′04″N 134°34′34″E KT09012903
Karamadoo Palau West Pacific Ocean PA2 23 07°30′12″N 134°32′09″E KT09012607
R. stylosa
Brandan Indonesia Strait of Malacca IN2 22 03°59′58″N 98°14′56″E OR10012802
Dong Rui Vietnam South China Sea VI2 47 21°13′33″N 107°22′30″E TK11050101
Lian Batangas Phillipines South China Sea PH2 32 13°58′11″N 120°37′33″E OBY01012401
Iriomote Japan East China Sea JA1 30 24°24′09″N 123°46′28″E TK07101101
Ishigaki Japan East China Sea JA2 29 24°24′06″N 124°08′44″E TK07101201
Okinawa Japan East China Sea JA3 30 26°36′21″N 128°08′35″E TK07101401
Kosrae Micronesia Northwest Pacific Ocean MIC 31 05°20′55″N 163°01′09″E TK12121401
Canala New Caledonia Southwest Pacific Ocean NCL 28 21°30′26″S 165°58′09″E TK07092705
Malatie Vanuatu Southwest Pacific Ocean VA1 30 17°33′00″S 168°20′26″E KT10073105
Maolapa Vanuatu Southwest Pacific Ocean VA2 19 17°31′46″S 168°24′53″E KT10080201
Lautoka Fiji Southwest Pacific Ocean FI1 16 17°30′46″S 177°33′06″E KT09012903
Mannikau Fiji Southwest Pacific Ocean FI2 27 18°09′21″S 178°26′45″E KT09012607
  1. All specimens were identified by the collectors (one of the authors) designated by the initial at the first some letters of voucher information. Identification was confirmed by AWKS and TK.
  2. *Although both Banda Aceh and Brandan are geographically located within the Strait of Malacca, Wee et al. [40] showed that these R. mucronata populations genetically clustered with the Andaman Sea populations. Hence we classified them under “Andaman Sea”.
  3. N, number of individual per population.