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Table 1 Clades of clownfishes used in this study

From: Hybridisation and diversification in the adaptive radiation of clownfishes

Clade name Species
percula A. ocellaris, A. percula, P. biaculeatus
Australian A. akindynos, A. mccullochi
akallopisos A. akallopisos, A. perideraion, A. pacificus, A. sandaracinos
ephippium A. frenatus, A. ephippium, A. rubrocinctus, A. melanopus, A. barberi
polymnus A. sebae, A. polymnus
clarkii A. clarkii, A. tricinctus
Indian A. bicinctus, A. omanensis, A. chagosensis, A. latifasciatus,
A. nigripes, A. allardi, A. chrysogaster, A. fuscocaudatus*
  1. The table gives the list of species included in each clade. A. stands for Amphiprion, P. for Premnas. Not included are A. chrysopterus and A. latezonatus, which are monospecific lineages and A. leucokranos and A. thiellei, which have likely been described from hybrid specimens. *Exemplars of A. fuscocaudatus have never been sequenced. We hypothetically placed this species in the Indian clade because it is the most parsimonious solution regarding the biogeography of clownfish species [19].