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Table 1 Properties of CAs in S. ciliatum and L. complicata

From: Calcareous sponge genomes reveal complex evolution of α-carbonic anhydrases and two key biomineralization enzymes

CA Accession Coding sequence ID (Compagen) Amino acid length Signal peptide Terminal transmembrane domain Presence of 3 zinc binding domains
S. ciliatum       
SciCA1 (scl-CA1) LN609531 sctid70372 332 no no all
SciCA2 (scl-CA2) LN609532 sctid21624 332 yes yes all
SciCA3 LN609533 sctid79452 316 yes yes all
SciCA4 LN609534 sctid52059 313 yes yes H1, H2
SciCA5 LN609535 sctid78781 322 yes yes all
SciCA6 LN609536 sctid91373 310 yes no all
SciCA7 LN609537 sctid82357 327 yes no all
SciCA8 LN609538 sctid21623 348 yes yes all
SciCA9 (L-CA) LN609539 sctid19114 1171 yes no H2
L. complicata       
LcoCA1 (scl-CA1) LN609540 lctid94802, lctid95538* 265 no no all
LcoCA2 LN609541 lctid78751 319 yes yes all
LcoCA3 (scl-CA2) LN609542 lctid114957 326 yes yes all
LcoCA4 LN609543 lctid61203, lctid80506* 343 yes no all
LcoCA5 LN609544 lctid89007, lctid89853*, lctid88526** 281 no no all
LcoCA6 (L-CA) LN609545 lctid17923 1172 yes no H2
  1. *Potential allelic variant (>99% nucleotide similarity).
  2. **Potential splice variant (>99% nucleotide similarity).