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Table 1 Decay stages for the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli

From: Decay of velvet worms (Onychophora), and bias in the fossil record of lobopodians

Stage 1 Days 0–2 Onset of breakdown of cuticle and pigment granules, soapy gut, loss of slime gland endpieces
Stage 2 Days 2–8 Onset of decay of remaining internal organs, advanced breakdown of cuticle and associated effects on limbs, mouth and trunk
Stage 3 Days 8–34 Total loss of distinct internal organs, onset of decay of all external characters (except jaws, claws and eyes)
Stage 4 Days 34–109 Total loss of epidermis, eyes become less distinct or lost, onset of pigment loss, head consistently decaying
Stage 5 Days 109–220+ Onset of loss of external `structural’ characters, complete loss of pigment granules, initial rupturing of outer cuticle