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Table 1 Pearson correlation coefficients for five parasite traits.

From: Effects of shortened host life span on the evolution of parasite life history and virulence in a microbial host-parasite system

Trait   Reproductive load Latency time Infectious load Virulence
Infectivity Early +0.38 -0.56(*) +0.21(a) -0.40
  Late -0.12 +0.12 +0.45(a) +0.34
  Overall +0.02 +0.08 +0.29 -0.04
Reproductive load (day 7) Early   -0.30 a +0.44(a) -0.75*a
  Late   -0.80**a +0.45(a) -0.34 a
  Overall   -0.55* +0.47* -0.38(*)
Latency time Early    -0.61(*)a -0.07(a)
  Late    -0.55(*)a +0.51(a)
  Overall    -0.58** +0.01
Infectious load (day 13) Early     -0.15
  Late     +0.09
  Overall     +0.14
  1. Correlations were based on the means per parasite selection line and calculated across selection lines within treatments (early-killing, late-killing) and for all selection lines pooled (overall). Within-treatment tests were complemented by Analyses of Covariance (ANCOVA), with treatment as a cofactor, one parasite trait as covariate (line) and another (column) as response variable. For definition of traits, see Methods. Significant correlations marked in bold (uncorrected for multiple testing). Note: ANCOVA can reveal significant relationships, while correlation tests within treatments are non-significant.
  2. (*) p < 0.10; * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; main effect of covariate in ANCOVA: (a) p < 0.09; a p < 0.05