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Table 1 Substitutions in Bcd sites in the hb anterior activator

From: Statistical tests for natural selection on regulatory regions based on the strength of transcription factor binding sites

From To Pos ΔS site lineage coordinate
T G 7 1.58 A1 mel Subgroup 3R:4520596
A G 0 0.29 A1 ere 3R:4520603
A C 0 -0.88 A1 sim/sec/mel 3R:4520603
G A 0 -0.29 X1 yak 3R:4520561
A C 4 -0.22 X1 mel Group 3R:4520557
A G 0 0.29 X2 mel Group 3R:4520545
G A 0 -0.29 A2 ana 3R:4520493
G A 0 -0.29 A3 ana 3R:4520388
T C 2 -2.69 A3 ana 3R:4520386
G A 7 -0.57 A3 ana 3R:4520381
  1. Positions in the Bcd binding motif (Pos) are numbered as shown in Figure 4. Abbreviations for lineages are as in Figure 4. Coordinates are based on mapping of sites to the D. melanoaster genome [52]