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Table 2 The effects of several catfish species' venoms on Largemouth Bass.

From: Diversity, phylogenetic distribution, and origins of venomous catfishes

  Venom Effect
Species Color loss Myoclonus Tetanus Hemorrhage Loss of Equilibrium Mortality
Arius jordani (Ariidae) X   X   X  
Corydoras paleatus (Callichthyidae) X      
Horabagrus brachysoma (incertae sedis) X   X X X  
Microglanis iheringi (Pseudopimelodidae) X    X   
Noturus gyrinus (Ictaluridae) X X   X X  
Pangasius hypophthalmus (Pangasiidae)   X    X  
Pimelodus pictus (Pimelodidae) X    X   
Plotosus lineatus (Plotosidae)    X    X
Synodontis multipunctata (Mochokidae) X X   X   
  1. X denotes that the effect was observed in bass injected with 2 μL/g body weight of crude venom extract. In no case except that of Plotosus lineatus did injection of caudal fin extract produce any of the symptoms indicated above. In this species, injection of fin extract caused color loss, tetanus, loss of equilibrium, and eventual mortality.