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Table 2 Group II Nme proteins: names and symbols by species, accession numbers and corresponding chromosomal location

From: Nme protein family evolutionary history, a vertebrate perspective

  Species Name Other names GenBank Acc # Ensembl Acc # Localisation Position
  C. intestinalis Nme5 ci-ndk/dpy26 NP_001154961 ENSCINP00000008954 Chr 7q 1,031,987-1,036,756
  B. floridae Nme5   XP_002211295   Chr Un 731,166,868-731,169,160
  P. marinus Nme5   DW023083*   Contig18268 2,311-13,400
  H. sapiens NME5 NDK-H5; NM23-H5; IPIA-β NP_003542 ENSP00000265191 Chr 5 137,478,761-137,503,031
  M. musculus Nme5 NDK-M5; Nm23-M5 NP_542368 ENSMUSP00000078269 Chr 18 34,722,295-34,738,760
Nme5 G. gallus Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β XP_414687 ENSGALP00000022919 Chr 13 14,517,448-14,548,478
  A. carolinensis Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β   ENSACAP00000016699 Scaffold_29 3,794,500-3,804,710
  X. tropicalis Nme5 NDPK homolog 5; IPIA-β NP_001072619 ENSXETP00000008322 Scaffold_65 2,613-8,494
  D. rerio Nme5 zgc:92812 NP_001002516 ENSDARP00000060997 Chr 14 55,814,542-55,821,523
  O. latipes Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β   ENSORLP00000006672 Chr 10 13,043,372-13,046,033
  G. aculeatus Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β   ENSGACP00000023932 GroupIV 11,477,537-11,479,481
  T. rubripes Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β   ENSTRUP00000001405 Scaffold_126 261,197-263,042
  T. nigroviridis Nme5 NDP kinase homolog 5; IPIA-β CAG01205 ENSTNIP00000013421 Chr 1 943,305-945,715
  C. intestinalis Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α XP_002129729 ENSCINP00000027945 Scaffold_1779 5,509-6,021
  B. floridae Nme6   XP_002217997   Chr Un 307,935,668-307,942,172
  P. marinus Nme6   EE741045*    
  H. sapiens NME6 IPIA-α; NDK-H6; NM23-H6 NP_005784 ENSP00000307125 Chr 3 48,310,595-48,317,852
  M. musculus Nme6 NDK-6; Nm23-M6 NP_061227 ENSMUSP00000035053 Chr 9 109,735,308-109,745,475
Nme6 G. gallus Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α XP_424474 ENSGALP00000015875 Chr 1 96,907-98,947
  A. carolinensis Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α   ENSACAP00000008165 Scaffold_2735 3,138-10,113
  X. tropicalis Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α NP_001123709 ENSXETP00000034257 Scaffold_857 287,305-293,502
  D. rerio Nme6 Ndpkz6 NP_571672 ENSDARP00000094574 Chr 20 19,668,343-19,681,489
  O. latipes Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α   ENSORLP00000020366 Chr 24 13,630,759-13,633,495
  G. aculeatus Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α   ENSGACP00000014120 GroupXVIII 10,683,098-10,684,634
  T. rubripes Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α   ENSTRUP00000019600 Scaffold_72 321,734-323,012
  T. nigroviridis Nme6 NDK 6; IPIA-α CAG09120 ENSTNIP00000019439 Chr 14 5,693,013-5,693,908
  C. intestinalis Nme7 NDK/DM44 NP_001155162 ENSCINP00000025129 Chr 1p 3,423,461-3,424,231
  B. floridae Nme7   XP_002244666   Chr Un 788,282,087-788,292,883
  H. sapiens NME7 NDK-7; NM23-H7 NP_037462 ENSP00000356785 Chr 1 167,368,399-167,603,810
  M. musculus Nme7 NDK-7; Nm23-M7 NP_612187 ENSMUSP00000027862 Chr 1 166,237,803-166,334,805
  G. gallus Nme7 NDK-7   ENSGALP00000024531 Chr 1 87,015,645-87,088,484
Nme7 A. carolinensis Nme7 NDK-7   ENSACAP00000008165 Scaffold_2735 3,138-10,113
  X. tropicalis Nme7 MGC75677 NP_988903 ENSXETP00000005150 Scaffold_169 1,646,165-1,680,298
  D. rerio Nme7 Ndpkz4; Ndpkz7 NP_571004 ENSDARP00000073091 Chr 6 20,659,126-20,718,810
  O. latipes Nme7   DK039970* ENSORLP00000019661 Chr 4 29,680,976-29,697,346
  G. aculeatus Nme7 NDK 7   ENSGACP00000018067 GroupVIII 17,708,704-17,717,807
  T. rubripes Nme7 NDK 7   ENSTRUP00000012937 Scaffold_13 352,791-361,358
  T. nigroviridis Nme7 NDK 7   ENSTNIP00000004782 Chr 1 10,762,024-10,774,089
  C. intestinalis Nme8 TXNDC3; CiIC3 NP_001027618 ENSCINP00000013583 Chr 9q 3,694,058-3,703,935
  B. floridae Nme8   XP_002217610   Chr Un 302,074,149-302,085,811
  H. sapiens NME8 TXNDC3; CILD6; NM23-H8; SPTRX2 NP_057700 ENSP00000199447 Chr 7 37,854,724-37,906,525
  M. musculus Nme8 Txndc3; Sptrx2 NP_853622 ENSMUSP00000089358 Chr 13 19,736,950-19,789,629
  G. gallus Nme8 TXNDC3 XP_426021 ENSGALP00000019704 Chr 2 46,221,676-46,240,899
Nme8 A. carolinensis Nme8 TXNDC3; Sptrx-2   ENSACAP00000017404 Scaffold_28 5,222,555-5,265,400
  X. tropicalis Nme8 TXNDC6; Txl-2 NP_001121456 ENSXETP00000002355 Scaffold_664 444,670-467,036
  D. rerio Nme8 zgc:162216 NP_001082944   Chr13 17,124,355-17,152,394
  O. latipes Nme8 TXNDC6; Txl-2   ENSORLP00000020619 Chr 21 22,030,361-22,038,307
  G. aculeatus Nme8 TXNDC6; Txl-2   ENSGACP00000008024 GroupXVI 11,682,650-11,688,299
  T. rubripes Nme8 TXNDC6; Txl-2   ENSTRUP00000026461 Scaffold_46 902,376-907,179
  T. nigroviridis Nme8 TXNDC6; Txl-2 CAG09297 ENSTNIP00000019567 Chr 2 14,973,997-14,979,390
  H. sapiens Nme9 TXNDC6, TXL-2 NP_835231 ENSP00000321929 Chr 3 137,980,279-138,048,205
Nme9 M. musculus Nme9 TXL-2 XP_893103   Chr 9 99,360,108-99,371,350
  B. taurus Nme9 TXNDC6 NP_001069083 ENSBTAP00000017071 Chr 1 132,828,887-132,856,623
  C. intestinalis Nme10 XRP2 XP_002121234 ENSCINP00000026020 Chr 14q 3,012,876-3,017,751
  B. floridae Nme10   XP_002243612   Chr Un 778,883,396-778,885,823
  H. sapiens NME10 RP2; TBCCD2 NP_008846 ENSP00000218340 Chr X 46,696,347-46,741,793
  M. musculus Nme10 Rp2h NP_598430 ENSMUSP00000111049 Chr X 19,941,607-19,982,781
  G. gallus Nme10 RP2; XRP2_CHICK NP_001008680 ENSGALP00000026942 Chr 1 134,314,101-134,332,289
Nme10 A. carolinensis Nme10 XRP2   ENSACAP00000011842 Scaffold_571 329,765-343,988
  X. tropicalis Nme10 XRP2   ENSXETP00000008933 Scaffold_253 956,431-969,596
  D. rerio Nme10 RP2 NP_998611 ENSDARP00000065116 Chr 6 40,312,188-40,323,321
  O. latipes Nme10 XRP2   ENSORLP00000020082 Chr 4 30,358,786-30,362,942
  G. aculeatus Nme10 RP2   ENSGACP00000018275 GroupVIII 18,001,999-18,006,009
  T. rubripes Nme10 XRP2   ENSTRUP00000027655 Scaffold_13 677,342-680,474
  T. nigroviridis Nme10 XRP2 CAG01390 ENSTNIP00000013571 Chr 1 11,019,475-11,022,175
  1. Protein names were retrieved from Genbank, Ensembl, iHOP and ZFIN. Location was obtained using Ensembl genome browser, or by UCSC Genome Bioinformatics BLAT when not available on Ensembl. *, sequence is an EST. , incomplete sequence.