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Table 1 Data partitions, genome to which they are associated, total number of characters of each partition used in phylogenetic analyses and their estimated model of sequence evolution.

From: Cyto-nuclear discordance in the phylogeny of Ficus section Galoglychia and host shifts in plant-pollinator associations

Partition Genome Number of characters Selected Model
P1: All chloroplast data combined Chloropast 3604 GTR+I+Γ
P2: atpB-rbcL Chloropast 820 HKY+Γ
P3: FcB Chloropast 779 GTR
P4: FcJ Chloropast 760 HKY
P5: FcL Chloropast 777 GTR+Γ
P6: trnL-trnF Chloropast 468 HKY
P7: Coding chloroplast DNA Chloropast 964 HKY
P8: Non-coding chloroplast DNA Chloropast 2640 GTR+Γ
P9: All nuclear data combined Nuclear 1320 GTR+Γ
P10: ITS Nuclear 810 GTR+Γ
P11: ETS Nuclear 510 HKY+Γ