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Table 2 Characterisation of 7 Pomatoceros genes whose putative function is deduced by extrapolation from other lophotrochozoans.

From: An EST screen from the annelid Pomatoceros lamarckiireveals patterns of gene loss and gain in animals

EST Information from BLAST match Domains Inferred function
pl_xlvo_23a09 PRQFVamide precursor protein from Aplysia The predicted --FV amide neuropeptide in annelids, signal peptide Regulation of the feeding system
29-kDa galactose-binding lectin from Lumbricus IPR000772, IPR008997 Ricin B lectin, cd00161, Ricin-type beta-trefoil, signal peptide the axon targeting in the central nervous system
pl_xlvo_42f05 Cerebrin prohormone from Aplysia The predicted first annelid Cerebrin, two dibasic cleavage sites, signal peptide the feeding motor pattern
Contig 102 N/A IPR002048 Calcium-binding EF-hand, IPR012619 Myoactive tetradecapeptides Contractions of the gut muscles
Contig 196 FMRFamide precursor protein from Lymnaea The neuropeptide Phe-Met-Arg-Phe-NH2 (FMRFamide) is a potent cardioactive neuropeptide in Lymnaea stagnalis Cardioactive neuropeptide
(Contig 84)
Dopamine beta hydroxylase-like protein from Aplysia A unique structure in lophotrochozoans, with combination of temptin at the N-terminal and two monooxygenase domains at the C-terminal Pheromone and monoxygenase
  1. Domain prediction and descriptions are from INTERPROSCAN. Inferred functions are from other studies (see text for details).