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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Evolution of the leukotoxin promoter in genus Mannheimia

Subcladea Taxonb Strain ID Serotype Host Country GenBank accession no.c
       16S rRNA lkt promoter
I Biogroup 1 PHL213 A1 Bos taurus    
I Biogroup 1 CCUG 12392T A2 Ovis aries UK [GenBank:AF060699] [GenBank:AY425276]
  M. glucosida       
I Biogroup 3B P925T A11 Ovis aries Scotland [GenBank:AF053889] [GenBank:AY425277]
  M. ruminalis       
II Bt 18 biovar 2 HPA113   Ovis aries UK [GenBank:AY425283 [GenBank:AY425280]
  M. granulomatis       
III [P.] granulomatis P1135/26T   Bos taurus Brazil [GenBank:AF053902] [GenBank:AY425278]
  M. varigena       
IV Biogroup 6 177T   Bos taurus Germany [GenBank:AF053893] [GenBank:AY425279]
  1. a Subclades refer to monophyletic groups based on phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA sequences [1, 20].
  2. b Bt = Bisgaard taxon.
  3. c These sequences have been published elsewhere.