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Archived Comments for: The mitochondrial genome structure of Xenoturbella bocki(phylum Xenoturbellida) is ancestral within the deuterostomes

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  1. Acoela, Xenoturbella and CAT-BP model

    Marko Prous, University of Tartu

    23 July 2009

    Very interesting article, especially I liked that CAT-BP model was able to recover monophyletic Chordata (I think this hasn't been previously demonstreted based on mtDNA when urochordates are included in the analyses).

    But... it would have been interesting to see phylogenetic trees reconstructed with CAT-BP model, which included acoel Paratomella as well (with and without fast-evolving urochordates). I wonder if CAT-BP model would have recovered Paratomella + Xenoturbella clade, as some studies have indicated (Philippe et al. 2007, PLoS ONE 2: e717; Lundin, 1998, Zoologica Scripta 27: 263–270), or not.

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