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Table 1 Trichoderma/Hypocrea class II hydrophobin genes*

From: Purifying selection and birth-and-death evolution in the class II hydrophobin gene families of the ascomycete Trichoderma/Hypocrea

Trichoderma Section Trichoderma/Hypocrea spp. abbreviation Scaffold accession no.
Longibrachiatum H. jecorina HFB6 3:1189832–1190084  
  H. jecorina HFB3 31:136511–136957  
  H. jecorina HFB5 11:163081–163444  
  H. jecorina HFB1 3:1189832–1190084  
  H. jecorina HFB2 56:80872–81271  
  H. jecorina HFB4 5:390006–390436  
  T. longibrachiatum TL_1 L19T52P004R01376 [GenBank: AJ905782]
Trichoderma T. asperellum TA_1 L14T53P124R00732 [GenBank: AJ903054]
  T. asperellum TA_2 L14T53P129R00833 [GenBank: AJ903147]
  T. asperellum TA_3 L14T53P116R00634 [GenBank: AJ902899]
  T. asperellum TA_4 L14T53P135R01371 [GenBank: AJ903666]
  H. atroviridis HA_1b 1:719649–719242 [GenBank: EU053447]
  H. atroviridis HA_1c 1:1159027–1159456 GenBank: EU053448] [GenBank: EU053449];
  H. atroviridis HA_2a = SRH1 2:2051503–2051110 [GenBank: CAA72539]
  H. atroviridis HA_2b 2:2503511–2503091 [GenBank: EU053450]
  H. atroviridis HA_2c 2:3431445–3432224 [GenBank: EU053456]
  H. atroviridis HA_5a 5:343144–342721 [GenBank: EU053451]
  H. atroviridis HA_6a 6:627631–626945 [GenBank: EU053452]
  H. atroviridis HA_6b 6:738694–738316 [GenBank: EU053453]
  H. atroviridis HA_6c 6:1048590–1048979 [GenBank: EU053454]
  H. atroviridis HA_22a 22:79408–78987 [GenBank: EU053455]
  T. cf. Koningiopsis TCK_1 L21T78P020R01908 [GenBank: AJ909436]
  T. cf. Koningiopsis TCK_2 L21T78P014R01340 [GenBank: EV554903]
  T. cf. Koningiopsis TCK_3 L21T78P012R01144 [GenBank: EV554904]
Pachybasium H. virens HV_1a 1:2048115–2048517 [GenBank: EU053457]
  H. virens HV_1b 1:2185848–2186274 [GenBank: EU053458]
  H. virens HV_1c 1:1718557–1718103 [GenBank: EU053459]
  H. virens HV_1d 1:909158–909955 [GenBank: EU053460]
  H. virens HV_2a 2:562868–563256 [GenBank: EU053461]
  H. virens HV_13a 13:955443–955019 [GenBank: EU053462]
  H. virens HV_18a 18:175336–174917 [GenBank: EU053463]
  H. virens HV_21a 21:388893–389498 [GenBank: EU053464]
  H. virens HV_22a 22:232164–232586 [GenBank: EU053465]
  H. lixii HL_1 L03T34P016R01491 [GenBank: AJ896766]
  H. lixii HL_2 L02T34P126R11028 [GenBank: AJ896364]
  H. lixii HL_3 L03T34P047R04364 [GenBank: AJ897108]
  H. lixii QID3   [GenBank: X71913.1]
  H. lixii HL_4   [GenBank: ABN64104]
  T. aggressivum var. europeae TAE_1 L50TH2P009R00852 [GenBank: ES768856]
  T. aggressivum var. europeae TAE_2 L50TH2P018R01702 [GenBank: ES768855]
  T. aggressivum var. europeae TAE_3 L50TH2P001R00008 [GenBank: AJ904501]
  T. stromaticum TS_1 L55TSTP002R00109 [GenBank: ES768859]
  1. No accession numbers are given for H. jecorina, because its genome genome is available online; genome and EST data were obtained from the following strains: H. jecorina QM6a; H. atroviridis IMI 206040; H. virens, Gv 29-8; T. asperellum T53, T. longibrachiatum T52; T. aggressivum var. europeae CBS 453.93 H. lixii CECT 2413; T. cf. koningiopsis T78; T. stromaticum CBS 101875.