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Table 2 Character counts and substitution models for partitions

From: A DNA and morphology based phylogenetic framework of the ant genus Lasius with hypotheses for the evolution of social parasitism and fungiculture

  Characters total Characters variable but parsimony uninformative Characters parsimony informative AIC model selection hLRT model selection Model used in final MCMC runs
cox1 position1 281 17 22 GTR+I+Γ GTR+Γ GTR+I+Γ
cox1 position2 281 8 2 F81 F81 F81
cox1 position3 RY 281 28 87 - - F81
16s rRNA 422 45 83 GTR+I+Γ GTR+Γ GTR+I+Γ
morphology 64 10 54 - - Mk+Γ
  1. RY purine + pyrimidine coding, otherwise the original nucleotide sequence was used. "-" under model selection indicates that AIC and hLRT model selection were not applicable for the partition.