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Table 1 Geographical, Linguistic and Haplogroup Affiliations of Completely Sequenced mtDNAs.

From: Phylogeography of mtDNA haplogroup R7 in the Indian peninsula

Si No. Sample code Haplogroup Population Location Lingustic affiliation
1 Kol77 R5a1 Koli Gujarat Indo-European
2 Ben46 R5a1a Bengal West Bengal Indo-European
3 Up41 R5a1a Middle caste Uttar Pradesh Indo-European
4 Kall43 R5a2b Kallar Tamil Nadu Dravidian
5 K35 R5a2b Kota Tamil Nadu Dravidian
6 Ori74 R5a2b2 Oraon Orissa Dravidian
7 Mo38 R5a2b3 Moor Sri Lanka Dravidian
8 Gu35 R5a2b3 Gujarat Gujarat Indo-European
9 Pn32 R5a2b4 Paniya Kerala Dravidian
10 Mal33 R5a2b4 Malayan Kerala Dravidian
11 Ko 5 R6a1a Koya Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
12 Ko31 R6a1a Koya Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
13 Lam43 R7a1 Lambadi Andhra-Pradesh Dravidian
14 As426 R7a1 Asur Jharkhand Austro-Asiatic
15 Mw1 R7a1a Mawasi Chhattisgarh Austro-Asiatic
16 Tor45 R7a1a Sindhi Pakistan Indo-European
17 Ho433 R7a1b1 Ho Jharkhand Austro-Asiatic
18 Ori7 R7a1b1 Oraon Jharkhand Dravidian
19 Ori37 R7b1a Oraon Orissa Dravidian
20 A474 R7a1b2 Oraon Jharkhand Dravidian
21 G39 R7a1b2 Santhal Bihar Austro-Asiatic
22 G19 R7a1b2 Kanwar Madhya-Pradesh Indo-European
23 KO18 R7b Koya Andhra-Pradesh Dravidian
24 KO55 R7b1a Koya Andhra-Pradesh Dravidian
25 G66 R7b1a Gond Madhya-Pradesh Dravidian
26 Ko74 R8a Koya Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
27 Lam10 R8a1a1 Lambadi Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
28 Ko30 R8a1a2 Koya Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
29 Ko37 R8a1a2 Koya Andhra Pradesh Dravidian
30 CoB41 R8a1b Konkanastha Brahmin Maharashtra Indo-European
31 CoB23 R30 Konkanastha Brahmin Maharashtra Indo-European
32 Sin49 R30a Sinhalese Sri Lanka Indo-European
33 Pun47 R30b Punjab Punjab Indo-European
34 Raj25 R31a1 Rajput Rajasthan Indo-European
35 Raj48 R31a1 Rajput Rajasthan Indo-European