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Table 4 Summary of results from SwissModel analysis of positively selected sites.

From: The phylogeny of the mammalian heme peroxidases and the evolution of their diverse functions

Mutation Posterior Probability Affect on Hydrogen Bond
C316S 0.815 -/+
S414A 0.600 -
A471R 0.738 +
P477G 0.948 =
N496F 0.999 -
Y500F 0.731 -
L504T 0.970 +
R529E 0.657 +
I568L 0.686 =
P584A 0.949 =
L630F 0.767 =
Q633L 0.737 =
L652V 0.840 =
L654G 0.921 =
S687T 0.648 +
  1. Mutation from positively selected site in MPO (using human model) to the amino acid present in EPO, LPO and TPO at that position (in cases where there was conflict the majority rule consensus at that position was taken). Posterior Probability values extracted using NEB analysis in model B Codeml. Effect on H-Bonds is classified as "+" if an increase in the number of bonds with positively selected amino acid, "-" if a hydrogen bond or a number of hydrogen bonds were lost with the positively selected site, and "=" refers to no affect on the hydrogen bond with the positively selected site.