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Archived Comments for: Y-chromosome evidence suggests a common paternal heritage of Austro-Asiatic populations

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  1. The erroneous colescent time???

    T Srinath, Madras University

    21 May 2007

    The current paper have several erroneous points and calculations which needs to be readdress:

    1. In the introduction Author's forgot the Southern route migration which is bolstered recently by Thangaraj et al.(2005) and Macauley et al. (2005) and have discussed two other routes which don't have much genetic support!!!

    2. There is a serious question about their result of Batwing? There is something wrong with it and author's should recheck their Y-STR genotyping or the settings of Software!!! To rule out the problems in STR data, editor should force the author's to make available the Y-STR genotyping results to researchers.

    3. The frequency of M95 is not only higher in AA populations but also a high frequency of this haplogroup has been observed in Orrisa samples, irrespective of language group (Sahoo et al. 2006; Sengupta et al. 2006).

    4. Authors should add others statement with the citation for example the indigenous origin of M69 (haplogroup H) has been already stated earlier by (Kivisild et al. 2003; Sahoo et al. 2006 and Sengupta et al. 2006.

    5. The high frequency and high diversity do not always show an indigenous origin and it could be due to several gene flow as suggested by Tambets et al. (2003) while studying the Central Asians.

    Overall the detailed Y-STR data should be needed to validate this interesting analysis.

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