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Table 2 cytochrome b haplotypes used in Figure 3. Haplotype frequency is indicated in brackets when there is more than one.

From: Complex phylogeographic history of central African forest elephants and its implications for taxonomy

Haplotype Taxon Designation* Geographic origin Genbank accession numbers Author
H01 (12) L. a. africana AM1, AM2, QE51, WC4, BO1, DRC11, MO1, NA1, TA1, UG1, UG3, ZI10 Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe AY741074, AY741078, AY741076, AY741325, AY742801, AY741323, AY741324, AY742800 SN, Debruyne 2005
H02 L. a. africana AM12 Kenya   SN
H03 L. a. africana AN1 Angola AY741072 Debruyne 2005
H04 L. a. africana BOT13 Botswana   SN
H05 (6) L. a. cyclotis, L.a. africana, L. africana DRC1, DRC4, DRC17**, BOT17, ZI2, ZI4 DRC, Botswana, Zimbabwe AY359275, AY359277, AY742802, AY741329, AY742799 Debruyne 2005, SN
H06 L. a. africana BOT18 Botswana   SN
H07 L. a. africana BOT1 Botswana   SN
H08 L. a. africana BOT21 Botswana   SN
H09 L. a. africana BOT25 Botswana   SN
H10 L. a. africana BOT2 Botswana   SN
H11 (2) L.a. africana BOT4, ET1 Botswana   SN
H12 L.a. africana BOT9 Botswana   SN
H13 (5) L. a. cyclotis, L.a. africana, L. africana DRC2, DRC9, DRC13**, KV8, MF5 DRC, Uganda AY359270, AY359279, AY741081 Debruyne 2005, SN
H14 L. a. cyclotis DRC3 DRC AY359271 Debruyne 2005
H15 L. a. cyclotis DRC5 DRC AY359276 Debruyne 2005
H16 (22) Loxodonta africana cyclotis DRC6, DRC8, Cameroon2, CAR1, Congo2, CAR274, CAR297, CAR3315, CAR3417, CAR405, CAR3723, CAR4311, IVI1012, KES0819, LOP146, NN0713, NN232, NN267, NN279, NN2911, NN3116, NN3218 DRC, Cameroon, CAR, RC, Gabon AY359268, AY359269, AY359272, AY359273, AY359274 Debruyne 2005, MJ
H17 L. a. cyclotis Cameroon1 Cameroon AY359267 Debruyne 2005
H18 L.a. africana Chad1 Chad AY741080 Debruyne 2005
H19 L. a. cyclotis CKT04a14 RC   MJ
H20 (5) L. a. cyclotis Congo1, MPA01, MPA02, NOG014, NOG026 RC, Gabon AY359266 Debruyne 2005, MJ
H21 (3) L. a. cyclotis Gabon2, Gabon1, NN255 Gabon, RC AY359265, AY359278 Debruyne 2005, MJ
H22 L.a. africana Ivory Coast1 Ivory Coast AY741327 Debruyne 2005
H23 (2) L. a. cyclotis IVI06c4, LOPAFE79 Gabon   MJ
H24 L. a. cyclotis KES0314 Gabon   MJ
H25 (2) L.a. africana Zi5, KG1 Zimbabwe, South Africa AY741322 SN, Debruyne 2005
H26 (2) L.a. africana KG2, SouthAfrica3 South Africa AY741320 Debruyne 2005, SN
H27 L.a. africana KV19 Uganda   SN
H28 L.a. africana KV2 Uganda   SN
H29 L. a. cyclotis Liberia1 Liberia AY741079 Debruyne 2005
H30 L.a. africana MM19 Kenya   SN
H31 L.a. africana MM20 Kenya   SN
H32 L.a. africana Namibia2 Namibia AY741326 Debruyne 2005
H33 L.a. africana QE48 uganda   SN
H34 L.a. africana Sudan1 Sudan AY741073 Debruyne 2005
H35 L.a. africana WA13 Ghana   SN
H36 (2) L.a. africana WA14, WA15 Ghana   SN
H37 L.a. africana WA6 Ghana   SN
H38 L.a. africana WC6 Namibia   SN
H39 L.a. africana Zambia1 Zambia AY741328 Debruyne 2005
H40 L.a. africana ZBE1 Zimbabwe   SN
H41 L.a. africana ZBE3 Zimbabwe   SN
H42 L.a. africana ZBE4 Zimbabwe   SN
H43 L.a. africana ZBE5 Zimbabwe   SN
H44 L.a. africana Zimbabwe1 Zimbabwe AY741321 Debruyne 2005
  1. * Original name from each author (Debruyne, 2005; this study SN = Silvester Nyakaana and MJ = Mireille Johnson) ** Sample sharing both, forest and savannah haplotypes, according to the author (Debruyne, 2005).