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Table 2 Sensitivity of afrotherian interordinal phylogeny to alternative placements of the placental root, taxon deletion, and taxon addition

From: A new estimate of afrotherian phylogeny based on simultaneous analysis of genomic, morphological, and fossil evidence

Hypothesis   Afrotherian interordinal phylogeny
Exafroplacentalia OS (Macroscelidea, (Afrosoricida, (Tubulidentata, (Proboscidea, (Hyracoidea, Sirenia)))))
  U (Macroscelidea, (Afrosoricida, (Tubulidentata, (Hyracoidea, (Proboscidea, Sirenia)))))*
Atlantogenata OS ((Tubulidentata, (Macroscelidea, Afrosoricida)), (Proboscidea, (Hyracoidea, Sirenia)))
  U no change
Deleted taxon    
Arsinoitherium OS (Afrosoricida, ((Macroscelidea, Tubulidentata), (Sirenia, (Hyracoidea, Proboscidea))))
  U (Afrosoricida, ((Macroscelidea, Tubulidentata), (Sirenia, (Hyracoidea, Proboscidea))))
Chambius OS no change
  U no change
Herodotius OS no change
  U no change*
Microhyrax OS no change
  U no change
Phosphatherium OS no change
  U no change
Prorastomus OS no change
  U no change*
Seggeurius OS no change
  U no change
Added taxon   Sister taxon Afrotherian interordinal phylogeny
Kelba OS Tubulidentata no change
  U Tubulidentata no change
Widanelfarasia OS within Tenrecoidea no change
  U within Tenrecoidea no change
Kelba +    
Widanelfarasia OS no change no change
  U no change no change
  1. Interordinal relationships within Afrotheria from (above) analyses constrained to agree with the alternative hypotheses Exafroplacentalia (Afrotheria, (Boreoeutheria, Xenarthra)) and Atlantogenata (Boreoeutheria, (Afrotheria, Xenarthra)), and (below) analyses run following deletion or addition of various extinct taxa. Results followed by an asterisk are those that occur in the Adams consensus of all equally parsimonious trees (the strict consensus of which was less resolved than the optimal topologies based on analyses including all taxa). OS = ordered and scaled analysis; U = unordered analysis.