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Table 2 Comparison between Schmeissneria and other possibly related fossil taxa.

From: Schmeissneria: A missing link to angiosperms?

  Appendage arrangement Appendage shape No. appendages per peduncle Appendage opening orientation Appendage apex Seed/central unit position Ovule completely enclosed Vertical septum No. ovules/seeds per cupule/central unit Peduncle connects to
Schmeissneria(young) [24,*] Irregular Globose, in pair 2 Away from axis More or less extended Within the sheathing envelope + + 2? Envelope
Schmeissneria(mature)[24] Irregular Sickle-like, single 1–2 Away from axis Wing-shaped Below the wing, enclosed (?) ? ? 1? Seed?
Ktalenia[75] Opposite, subopposite Globose 1 Down More or less extended Within cupule - - 1–2 Cupule
Schizolepis[73] Spiral Bilobate 1 Up Lobate Axil of scale - - 2 Scale
Drepanolepis[74] Spiral Sickle-like 1 Up Wing-shaped Axil of scale - - 1 Scale
Leptostrobus[44,76] Spiral Round bivalvate 1 (2 valves) Away from axis Round, thickened margin Within capsule, axil of valves - - Several Cupule
Caytonia[33,58] Opposite Globose 1 To axis Extended lip Within capsule - - Several Cupule
Karkenia[24,77-78] Irregular Round-oval 1 To axis Acuminate apex On peduncle - - 1 Ovule/seed
  1. Note the characters (enclosed ovule, vertical septum) distinguishing Schmeissneria from the others. *: information from this paper.